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Birdwatchers discover a multitude of bird species

A great nature activity awaits you in Northern Wisconsin with beautiful natural landscapes that provide breathtaking scenery and the perfect opportunity to see a large variety of birds – hawks, eagles, warblers and sandpipers, to name a few. If you’re interested in bird calls, you’ll find them here. With over a dozen easily accessible birding sites in the Chequamegon Bay, all you need are your binoculars and camera. Situated along the south shore of Lake Superior, the Chequamegon Bay features a diversity of birding habitats including open water, mudflats, coastal wetlands, open fields, pine barrens and varied forest types. As a result, birdwatchers in Northern Wisconsin find the bay area along Lake Superior hosts a wide variety of bird species that depend on these bird habitats during the breeding, migration, and winter seasons.

Avid birdwatchers will discover more than 300 bird species that have been observed by Northern Wisconsin birdwatchers since 1972. Among these are 35 species of waterfowl, 26 species of raptors, 34 species of shorebirds, 31 species of warblers, and nearly 20 species of sparrows. The area’s signature bird species include Piping Plovers (Long Island holds the only nesting pairs in the state), Common Terns (one of only two nesting colonies in the Lake Superior basin occurs here), a small population of Great Gray Owls (esp. Northern Bayfield County), Sharp-tailed Grouse in the pine barrens, an outstanding migration of raptors during the spring months, and a variety of boreal species at the southern edge of their ranges. Numerous rarities of birds have been spotted here, the most significant being a Ross’s Gull in 2001 (the only ever observed in Wisconsin).

Begin your birding adventure and nature vacation to discover how many of the 300 bird species hosted in a variety of bird habitats you can find. The extraordinary natural beauty of the Bayfield area provides visitors with unparalleled nature bird watching opportunities.