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Ice Road

Lake Superior’s ice road is a winter experience not to be missed!

A winter activity not to be missed for visitors is driving the famous Lake Superior ice road (yes, on Lake Superior ice) between Bayfield and Madeline Island during the coldest of winter months. By car, foot, ski, or skate, you’ll want to include this experience in your winter getaway as you saunter along the two mile Madeline Island ice road. This winter adventure is one you’ll want to tell your friends and family about when you return home. And be sure to bring your camera to prove it! While the Madeline Island Ferry Line serves as transportation between Bayfield and Madeline Island on a daily basis for most of the year, once the ice freezes with an adequate thickness, visitors and the “locals” are able to use a six lane ice road to go back and forth between Bayfield and Madeline Island.

The Madeline Island ice road is actually designated as an extension of Wisconsin County Highway H and all normal traffic rules apply to the ice road including staying on the marked roadway. The ice is monitored several times a day while the road is open and marked with evergreen trees so that drivers can follow the route which at times can provide difficult visibility due to blowing snow.

The Run on Water, held on the Madeline Island ice road, is a family fun run where winter enthusiasts ski, run, walk, skijour or skate to Madeline Island and back to Bayfield and is normally held in late February.

We update a weekly report on current conditions for all our winter activities. Please check the Winter Recreation Report for the most current conditions.

Winter Recreation Reports

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