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Northern Wisconsin’s huge snowfalls create ideal snowshoeing!

Snowshoeing in Northern Wisconsin is at its best if you’re looking for pure solitude, escape and beauty. A wonderful winter silent sport, the crush of the snow under your snowshoes and the glistening tree branches above are certain to mesmerize you as you explore the winter wonderland Northern Wisconsin offers on snowshoes. As part of your winter vacation, when you go snowshoeing you can find areas that cross country skiers and winter hikers are unable to reach. And while snowshoeing along breathtaking vistas, you are able to reach one of Mother Nature’s greatest secrets – deep, untouched snow.

Snowshoeing is considered one of the fastest growing winter silent sports in the world. Everyone can enjoy a winter wonderland of snow and the Bayfield area is able to provide you with endless snowshoeing scenic trails. Two of Bayfield’s newest snow shoeing trails you can pick up in the City of Bayfield – the Ravine Snowshoe Trail and the Brownstone Snowshoe Trail. South of Bayfield offers wonderful snowshoe trails in the National Forest on the Jerry Jay Jolly Trail.

We update a weekly report on current conditions for all our winter activities. Please check the Winter Recreation Report for the most current conditions or download a trail map below:

Winter Recreation Reports