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Our intimate connection with Lake Superior

Powerful yet soothing, vast yet intimate, the waters of Lake Superior run beyond the shoreline to touch every facet of life in Bayfield. Lake Superior is our playground, our theater, our market and our hideaway. Bayfield and the Big Lake share a palpable connection you will feel from the moment you arrive. For some, the best way to experience that connection is on a peaceful stroll along the shore to enjoy sweeping panoramic views of Lake Superior and its ever-changing moods. Others opt to get out on the water by taking the ferry over to Madeline Island or go on a sightseeing boat tour of the many historic lighthouses that dot the Apostle Islands. Some may find the water and sandy beaches so appealing they’ll want to dive right in for an unforgettable swim. The more adventurous can seek out an even more intimate experience with Lake Superior by setting out on an Apostle Islands kayaking expedition, private or chartered sailing cruise or fishing excursion.