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Congratulations to our most recent Bayfield Getaway Package Winner, Carma from La Crosse, WI! Carma won 2 nights lodging in downtown Bayfield, tickets to Big Top Chautauqua, a round trip Madeline Island Ferry Pass, and 2 tickets for the Apostle Islands Cruise Service “Grand Tour”.

Here is your chance to win a free getaway package to Bayfield by sharing one of the highlights of your recent trip by submiting your story using the form below

Perhaps you discovered a sandy warm beach, or had a fabulous meal at one of the Bayfield area restaurants. You may have delighted in picking berries at one of the orchards surrounding Bayfield, or happened to see a bald eagle flying over the lake; taken in a spectacular sunset or kayaked to the Lake Superior sea caves along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty.

Whatever the highlight of your trip, we want you to share it with others who may be planning a trip to Bayfield.

79 Bayfield Stories

  • Kevin O'Donovan, Winnipeg, MB Canada says:

    Where do you start… from the All Sisters Winery to Barry Hansen and the Apostle Highlands Golf Course, to Maggies, Pier Plaza Restaurant and both the Bay Front Inn and Legendary Waters Casino and Resort. All researched everything online which made the 11 hour drive well worth it! What an amazing community with the most welcoming people we have ever met! Thanks for being great hosts in 2013!

  • Larry Stigsell says:

    Me and my wife had won the Bayfield Getaway contest. We stayed at The
    Rittenhouse and upgraded to the Morroccan Suite. Because of the
    Rittenhouse our weekend was one of the most fabulous weekends that we
    have ever experienced. All of their staff members treated us like we
    were a king and a queen. The room was incredible, the dining was
    extremely elegant, the food was a 5 star plus. The Rittenhouse far
    exceeded our expectations and we will make the Rittenhouse a part of
    our lifestyle. The staff of The Rittenhouse went above and beyond the
    call of duty. Something you rarely see anymore. We will highly
    recommend them to others. Our hats off to each and every one of The
    Rittenhouse staff. The Rittenhouse can be proud of their staff. We
    will be back! See our attached video.

    We also had the opportunity to shop the stores in Bayfield and all of
    the merchants were very friendly. Even though it was the end of the
    winter snow we had a great time and will definitely make Bayfield a
    part of our lifestyle and highly recommend it to all of our friends.
    We will be returning for our one year wedding anniversary on July 14th
    as that is the day we tied the knot so to speak and got married on the
    sailboat yacht with Animashi Sailboat company in Bayfield on Lake

    Thank you so much for everything.
    Bayfield is now a part of our Lifestyle.

  • Kate Wipperman - Madison, WI says:

    My husband and I had a wonderful time picking blueberries at Rocky Acres farm! We went on a sunny day, not too many folks there crowing the lanes & plenty of blueberries. We could not believe how many berries were on those branches. All the berries were perfect and blue.

    It didn’t take us long to fill our buckets & we’ve been enjoying them ever since!!

  • Cheryl Lockwood - Duluth, MN says:

    We had the experience of sailing home to Duluth on a friends sailboat. Enjoyed sleeping on the boat and enjoying our meals at The Egg Toss & Captains.

    Bought some books at What Goes ‘Round.

    Joanne’s was also good shopping.

  • Verna R , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada says:

    Where to begin…colourful stones on Joni’s Beach, Madeline Is…Little Sand Bay beach N off of #13…Greunke’s Restaurant in Bayfield…the Used Books store…lovely gardens…quaint homes… shopping…view of the wharf from our Winfield Inn condo… the farms and orchards route among the rolling hills… the Apostle Island cruise… friendly folks … and much more to make a great holiday!

  • Penny Pedersen Streamwood Il says:

    My husband and I fell in love with Bayfield about 10 yrs ago and have been back at least 8 times, the last two trips with two other couples. What we love about Bayfield could fill a book. The area is so beautiful we never tire of the view. There is so much to see and do. But what brings us back year after year is the people; Danny at the T-shirt shop, Captain Paul of Animaashi Sailing, the awesome family at Hauser’s Superior View Farm and cant forget Mortys .. the best fish tacos ever! Dont miss this jewel on the lake!

  • Shelby H. - Duluth, MN says:

    Our family of 7 recently took a trip to Bayfield. We all ventured into the Candy Shop, they have handmade waffle cones! and the best ice cream. We sat outside and ate our cones on the main street. It was fun to see all the people shopping at the unique shops in Bayfield.

  • Anne Japuntich-Boyceville, WI says:

    Last year we made it up to enjoy the 50th annual AppleFest in Bayfield. It was our first trip to the festival. We enjoyed a morning full of fun, food and most importantly apples. Our love of Bayfield began first with our trip here in 2005 to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We’ve filled our time with berry picking, shows at the Big Top, Madeline Island, a boat cruise and much more. We have gone solo as a couple a few times and twice as a family. It’s our favorite destination in Wisconsin.

  • Nicole M. - Minneapolis, MN says:

    A few years ago, I went on a kayaking trip with Living Adventures through the amazing sea caves near Bayfield! It was an experience I will NEVER forget. My mom was my kayaking partner and I’m so glad I shared this experience with her! Enjoy!

    Above me, a Norway pine hangs on the edge of a sandstone cliff and it looks like it might fall into the lake at any moment, its trunk at the very tip of the rock, its branches leaning over the water. My hands are clenched tightly around the paddles, while Lake Superior slowly rocks the kayak back and forth, back and forth. The body of water surrounding me resembles the warm ocean. It’s turquoise blue like the waters near a tropical beach, but it’s not clear and it’s certainly not warm. Instead of palm trees, I see pines above layers of rock. Ripples of turquoise water flow in and out with the sunlight, but I can’t see the bottom. When I look down into the deep water, my long time fear of sharks starts to consume me. I laugh at myself and think, “This is freshwater.” But the deep murky water surrounding me, the idea of no escape to lane, only caves and deep lake help my fear return. I turn my attention to paddling, as my kayaking partner, my mother, grows tired of paddling alone. She is in front of the kayak, directing us along the shores.

    People come from all over to kayak through the sea caves on Lake Superior. Two men from Missouri were in the kayak in front of us. A couple from Minneapolis was in front of them. The line of kayaks, red, blue and yellow, create a rainbow reflection as we follow the expert instructor into the first sea cave.

    The inside of the cave is quiet, except for the sound of the waves hitting the bottom of our kayak and drumming against the wall of the cave. It’s profound the way this experience silences all of us. The same impressed expression is found on all of our faces. Paddles rest on our laps as we float through like we are mutes. We are floating through a geological phenomenon; eroded sandstone formed into cliffs and caves.

    The cave smells the way the air does after days of rain, musty and heavy. We can see the crack ahead of us, long and crooked. The sunlight peaks through the entrance of the cave and through the crack, giving us just enough light to view the cave’s insides. There are no animals, just damp, shimmering sandstone.

    All kayaks wait patiently, floating in an open body of water beneath stone to enter the crack. The instructor goes first, showing us precisely how to enter the crack. He tells us to slowly direct the kayak into the crack. Once we start going in, paddles go up and turn sideways. Then, he tells us to just float in until we’re almost stuck. After a few seconds, he shows us how to get out. Push against the walls with our hands or our paddles until we reverse our kayak out. After two blue, and one yellow kayak enter the crack, it’s finally red’s turn. That’s us. I grasp my paddle, and so does my mother, and we approach the crack. Maneuvering a blunt, fat kayak into the space where two cliffs meet takes concentration. We turn our paddles vertically and set them on the sides of the kayak as we wedge ourselves into the stone. The kayak moans when it rubs against the side of the cave, and we stop. Our kayak will go no further. Above us we see a thin line of sky and a glimpse of bushes and trees. A hiker on the trail above peers down the crack and waves at us in our red kayak, wedged in. After we wave back and laugh, we float silently in the crack of the sandstone and I think about how connected I feel with nature. Not everyone can say they wedged themselves into the crack of a sea cave. I was in the middle of history, glaciers pushed through, years of erosion and movement. The only way to visit the crack is by kayaking through them in the summer or snowshoeing to them on ice in the winter.

    I reached out and felt the slimy, wet wall of the cave, taking in the feeling, the smells, and the sounds. Once again I felt vulnerable and a little scared, stuck between two stones in a deep body of water, but this time I liked it.

  • Juanita McGregor - Great Falls, MT says:

    While in Bayfield, my husband had an important conference call the end of Sept 29. Our motel did not have phones in the room. We checked with the Chamber for possiblities. They gave him permission to use the phone for his conference call. Thank you!! Your staff is friendly and helpful. Today Oct 1 is our 43rd wedding anniversary. We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over Lake Superior.

  • Tom Laundrie - Green Bay, WI says:

    The beauty of the water throught the fall leaves in the picturesque beautiful town of Bayfield is spectacular. You really can’t describe it, you just have to be here!

  • Anne Laundrie - Green Bay, WI says:

    Dalrymple Campground is a little jewel for RVers. Set on Lake Superior with a view of the sunrise through the pines and a clear panoramic vista of the lake it just doesn’t get any better. This is a return visit for us to the Applefest – another gem worth experiencing!

  • Libby & Loren Bottem - St. Paul, MN says:

    We had an amazing time while in the beautiful city of Bayfield! We are on our honeymoon and ate at Maggies (a great local place) then met John from Adventure Vacations and did a 4 hour trip of kayaking through the sea caves! Amazing beauty! We then rested before eating the next morning at the Egg Toss where the apple cider and wild rice omelet was to die for! MMM!We also rented mopeds on Madeline Island and saw a ton of deer before gearing up for our trip home!

  • Betsy Richardson - Maple Grove, MN says:

    On this trip to Bayfield we wanted to see the orchards. We did and had a great time. We tasted wind, apples, raspberries etc. Every orchard was different but the people were great. They gave us info on what to see and do that sometime only the locals know about. Also watched a fishing boat bring in thier catch of whitefish & lake trout. Being a fisherman that was really neat to see. We also ate fresh fish at a local restuarant. Oh so good.

  • Tracy Stone - Duluth, MN says:

    We recently went on a family vacation to Bayfield, WI. We toured the apple orchards & went on the ferry to the island. It made a fun weekend for the kids as well as the adults. The kids enjoyed carmel apples, hayrides, ferry rides & the candy shop! It was quality time spent together. My husband & I would love a vacation back to Bayfield to experience another more relaxing visit…this time without kids of course.

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