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What To Do in Wisconsin? Relax, Of Course.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. And picture this.

You’re sitting on a blanket on a broad sandy beach, gazing out over the sparkling blue waters of Lake Superior. The sound of the lapping waves along the shoreline is broken only by the call of a seagull overhead or perhaps a loon paddling along in the distance. The air feels fresh and crisp and the endless horizon stirs up a sense of peace within you that you haven’t felt for a long, long time.

Bayfield is about relaxing moments just like this. It’s about leaving the traps and trappings of modern life behind and savoring a few precious moments on the doorstep of nature’s raw, unspoiled beauty.

While other destinations tout how they offer more “Great Wisconsin Attractions!”, Bayfield prides itself on the merits of offering less-less traffic, less crowds, less hassle and hype.

What you will find in Bayfield are the things that are real and genuine, from the historic downtown architecture to the smiles of the people you pass on the street. Maybe that’s why the senses seem to awaken here like nowhere else. The sky seems bluer, the wind feels crisper, even the coffee tastes better. You can explore Wisconsin from top to bottom and not find another place like it.

So go ahead. Discover for yourself why one of the very best attractions in Wisconsin may just be the chance to relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature and the charms of an inviting small town. Plan your trip to Bayfield. And join us in the place where the water meets the soul.