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Is A Destination Wedding Right For You?

October 16, 2014

So, you’re considering a destination wedding. 

There are many reasons people choose to plan a destination wedding. The list below may provide some insight to some of them, giving you a better idea if a destination wedding is right for you!

Logistics. College friends that live across the midwest, extended family throughout the state; Most weddings involve travel for guests. Sometimes choosing to plan a destination wedding simplifies bringing everyone together for your big day. A destination wedding can often be a way of  “meeting in the middle.”

The romance of travel. Because looking out to the harbor and seeing the masts of sailboats as the sun sets is romantic. Looking out and seeing all the beauty and mystery of Lake Superior is romantic. Planning a a destination wedding gives you the creative power to set the scene for your wedding. You’re limited only by your imagination.

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Wanting a personally significant location. Bayfield has become an annual retreat for many, making it a swoon worthy spot for weddings, honeymoons, engagements and engagement photos. We all have places that make us feel warm and smile, so consider planning your wedding in that heartwarming place to give your day extra meaning and you’ll have a great story for weddings guests… And your hypothetical children.

Desire to save money. Believe it or not, destination weddings don’t have to be expensive! With some mindful planning, a realistic budget and a modest guest list, your destination wedding doesn’t have to empty your pockets. This blog and its resources will help you with this.

Wanting a non-traditional wedding. Many couples don’t yearn for the traditional weddings today and destination weddings often make it easier to get creative. Destinations often offer a venue or location that reflect a couple’s personalities better than a traditional wedding would. Give your wedding a little individuality and think outside the box. Apple orchards, picturesque beaches and luxury yachts, Bayfield has something for every dream wedding, non-traditional and traditional.

If you want an extra memorable experience, a destination wedding may be for you

Fewer guests (a perk, perhaps?) and potentially more challenging to plan due to distance from vendors may be some cons to consider. With a destination wedding, your celebration may become a few days rather than being restricted to one day. This is appealing to some and off putting to others. But think, when will this wonderful group be together again? The Bayfield area will have your guests entertained for days, often leaving them wanting to stay longer. Your wedding can create memories for years to come. You may even introduce someone to their new favorite place.