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Wisconsin-Made Ways To Stock The Bar

January 2, 2015

Get the party started with these home-grown Wisconsin spirits! Take it a step further and make your purchase locally at the reputable Bayfield Wine & Spirits

1. 45th Parallel Vodka
45th Parallel Vodka is entirely produced and bottled at their New Richmond facility. The grain used is of the highest quality, provided by a local farmer. This local vodka has a sweet aroma and a clean and balanced taste; an artisan alternative to other mass produced varieties. 
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2. Kinnickinnic Whiskey
Kinnickinnic Whiskey (Ojibwe for “what is mixed) is a blend of Straight Bourbon, a Malt Whiskey and a Rye Whiskey that is produced locally at Great Lakes Distillery. This whiskey is delightful neat, with a few ice cubes, and is also great mixed. 

3. Roaring Dan’s Maple Flavored Rum
This buttery rum is distilled from fermented grade “A” sugar cane molasses. Before a second distillation, pure Wisconsin maple syrup is added. The rum is aged in new charred American white oak barrels and used bourbon barrels. Mix it or drink it by itself, both are delicious.

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4. Rehorst Gin
Rehorst Gin owes its unique character to nine different botanicals which are balanced and distilled in small batches. Two of these botanicals have never been used in gin before; sweet basil adds a unique fresh floral character while Wisconsin Ginseng gives it a unique earthiness. Makes a great martini or an incredible gin + tonic.
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5. Artisan Series Brandy
These fruit Brandies are not sweet nor are they flavored with fruit. They are a distillate 100% made from fruit. Bottled at 80 proof, they are commonly enjoyed before or after a meal. 

Don’t forget about Wisconsin’s endless list of craft beer! Find a lovely selection of craft beer, wine, locally made cheeses, hard ciders, crackers and other small plate supplies at Bayfield Wine & Spirits