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Late-Night Snacks for Your Wedding

November 16, 2015

It is getting later in the night and everyone is still having a blast at your wedding. Dancing, drinking and socializing have worked up quite an appetite for you and your guests. It has been hours since dinner and soon guests will begin traveling back to their hotel rooms. Make your great wedding a fantastic one by surprising everyone with a late-night snack! Not only will a late-night snack satisfy their appetite, it can also sober them up a bit. There are endless possibilities for what snack you can choose.

You can never go wrong with pizza, sliders, corn dogs or sandwiches! Everyone loves these classic go-to carbs, which you can customize to your preferences or wedding theme. You could have the pizzas delivered or talk with your caterer about taking care of the snacks.

4508369_orig 7
The Fat Radish

You can really have fun and get creative with this one! Pretzel bars, taco bars, popcorn bars or nacho bars are just the beginning. Start with the basics and provide all of the fixins so your guests can really customize their own snack. Having a bar set up is a great option because your guests can snack throughout the night while your caterer keeps the food refilled.

Sweet Tooth
Ice cream sundaes, cookies + milk, and fruit + chocolate are just a few snack ideas for you and your guests. Everyone will be sure to enjoy these sweet tasty treats while finishing up the night dancing away!

3068231_orig 2
The Fat Radish

Keepin’ it Classy
Who’s to say you can’t snack on smoked salmon or a cheese torta at night? Good Thyme Catering has even provided sushi as a late night snack! Your guests will really enjoy these appetizer-like snacks even if it is at 10 p.m.!

Smoked Salmon 4 ways
Good Thyme Catering

Whatever you choose for your late-night snack, there is no doubt that your guests will be happily surprised and grateful! Whether you tackle the snack yourself or have your caterer or coordinator handle it, make sure you don’t wait until last minute to plan it!

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