Bayfield Activities For Your Wedding Guests (1)

Create an exceptional experience by offering memorable activities for your guests. While the main reason for your guests gathering is to watch you get hitched, Bayfield’s boundless beauty sets the stage for countless memorable experiences for them to enjoy during their stay. Check out some of the seasonal activities waiting for you and your entourage to dive into. Your wedding guests will be thanking you.

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Part 1 — Outdoor Adventures

Sailing & Boating — Bayfield is known for some of the best sailing in the world due to the shelter offered by the Apostle Islands. Charters can take you and your group out all day or for a shorter happy hour outing. Find more information here.

Kayaking — Apostle Islands kayaking is an experience not to be missed. Your guests will enjoy breathtaking views of rising bluffs and historic lighthouses while cruising along the pristine Lake Superior shoreline. Don’t forget to venture into the famous sandstone sea caves! Find more information here.

Hiking  — Whether your guests are looking for a quiet hike or to burn off a couple glasses of wine consumed at the reception, they’ll find it here (plus stunning views no matter the season) Check out this complete list of hiking trails in the area.

Bicycling — Cruise past orchards just outside of Bayfield on country roads or on biking trails
within the plentiful forests of the Chequamegon National Forest. Pick a route here and rent your wheels here.

Beaches — Crisp, clean waters and warm sandy beaches? Your guests will be sold. Don’t get us started on the views. Check out this map of beaches in Bayfield County here!

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Madeline Island — The possibilities are endless over on the island. Your guests will enjoy a beautiful 20 minute ferry ride from Bayfield before getting a taste of island life. Bring a car over or rent mopeds or bikes. Because there are so many activities on the island, the best way to find what’s most appealing to your guests is by exploring the Madeline Island Chamber website.

Dog Sledding — Riding a dog sled over the hills surrounding Bayfield is something few people think about when they think of this beautiful area, but now that your know of this secret adventure, syou can inform your thrill-seeking guests! Wolfsong Adventures will take them on an unforgettable ride. 

Skiing + Snowboarding — Wisconsin’s most delightful winter playground with great downhill skiing is just 3 miles south of Bayfield at Mt. Ashwabay. While racing down the hill, visitors enjoy the spectacular view of Chequamegon Bay. Your guests don’t event have to bring gear, rentals are available.

Ice Caves — The hype is real! Lakeshore cliffs along Lake Superior form crimson red borders to create an arctic landscape. Inside the ice caves awaits a fairyland of needle like icicles. If you’re in Bayfield in the winter, the ice caves are a must. Dazzle your guests with these hidden winter gems. All the information you need can be found right here

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