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Bayfield “greenest city in the state,” WI Trails Magazine
The Bayfield area was recently awarded with the 2011 Governor’s Tourism Stewardship Award and currently holds the record for the most businesses participating in the Travel Green Wisconsin initiative (nearly 50). Although it may be one of Wisconsin’s smallest communities, Bayfield is big on progressive sustainability. The efforts of local businesses, municipal offices, the school district, and area residents have earned Bayfield a formidable reputation as being one of the greenest communities in the state. In 2010, Bayfield was also selected as one of the top 38 sustainable communities in the country by Global Environmental Management. Bayfield strives to serve as a role model for other Wisconsin communities, both small and large, demonstrating how a commitment to the core value of sustainable living and sustainable business practices can indeed attract tourists.

According to a recent article in Wisconsin Trails Magazine, “Bayfield has a lot going for it: a great location on a Great Lake, endless recreation opportunities, raw natural beauty, and its residents have an attitude toward life that is unrivaled.” In fact, Bayfield boasts as having the most certified Travel Green businesses in the state of Wisconsin.

WI Trails Magazine has done a follow-up article reaffirming that Bayfield has the bragging rights as the greenest place in Wisconsin. Read the pdf:

March/April, 2010 “Bayfield’s bragging rights” Wisconsin Trails Magazine

Sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Travel Green Wisconsin is a certification process that guides and inspires businesses to find ways to reduce their environmental impact.

When you visit Bayfield, you’re able to enjoy boundless natural beauty that is as pristine and unspoiled today as it was centuries ago. That’s only possible through Bayfield’s unwavering, community-wide commitment to minimizing our environmental impact. Bayfield is proud to be home to more Travel Green certified businesses than any community in the state including these businesses:

Sustainable Bayfield, a local sustainability group, has produced a booklet, “Living A Sensible Life in Bayfield”. This 9 page booklet provides simple steps to be more green and environmentally conscious.