Get Active This Winter!

Trying to stay or get healthy before the day of the wedding? During the cold winter months and post-holiday, it can be hard to find the motivation to get active. Besides all of this, the gym is often a place many of us dread. The cold shouldn’t stop us from getting out and exerting energy!

Time and time again studies show that being outside helps ease symptoms of anxiety and stress while being active releases endorphins. Outdoor winter activities are invigorating and will keep your mind and body sound during the snowy months. Here a few options to choose from.

Snowboarding is an aerobic activity enjoyed by many. Even if you don’t have mad skills on the board, you’ll still benefit from getting out on the slopes. This cardio activity burns about 450 calories an hours and will help improve your endurance. Check out Bayfield’s very own winter playground, Mt. Ashwabay for hours + rentals. 


Alpine, Nordic, and Cross-Country — Choose any one of these methods of skiing and get an amazing workout every time. To master the art of skiing, you must keep yourself steady on the slopes. While doing this, you’re working your stomach muscles… A lot! 3 hours of skiing will burn about 3,000 calories and you’ll be enjoying the crisp freshness of the great outdoors. Check out Mt. Ashwabay for rentals, trails and hours. Also, go to Brownstone Centre for cross country ski rentals! 

Go as fast or as slow as you’d like, you’ll benefit from these silent sports either way. Choose a flat trail or one with elevation and lots of twists and turns. Snowshoeing is an effective, low impact, and safe form of exercise. Bayfield has an endless array of options when it comes to trail systems. You’ll find fairytale-like forests and enchanting ravines. Breath in that cold, refreshing air and go for a hike. Find a trail that’s just right for you at bayfield.org and pick up a pair of snowshoes (rent or buy) at Sweet Sailing

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The Run on Water is part of the Bayfield Winter Festival, a fundraising event for the Friends of the Recreation Center and the Bayfield Area Recreation Center. Participants can choose to run, walk, ski, snowshoe, bike, skate or even skijor the 4.3-mile course on the famous “ice road” across frozen Lake Superior from Bayfield to Madeline Island and back. Also a part of Bayfield Winter Festival, is WinterDASH, a incredibly fun and energetic winter 5k obstacle course. Climb, crawl, run, jump, and scramble your way to the finish.

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Stay up to date on winter conditions with Bayfield’s WINTER RECREATION REPORT.