Give your guests the Bayfield Travel Guide. We can help.

Getting engaged was easy. You’re in love; one of you asked, the other one said yes. Nice and simple.

But planning a wedding? That’s another story all together. There are venues to reserve, flowers to order, caterers to book, table settings to choose. The list goes on and it can get overwhelming pretty fast. If most of your guests are traveling to Bayfield for your wedding you probably also want to give them some information about where they’re going to be for your special day. Pointing everyone to your venue is easy enough, but they’ll also need places to stay, dining ideas, and maybe some things to do before or after your events.Uncle Jim will want to know where to go fishing. Aunt Susan wants to know about the orchards and berry farms. You’re cousin’s husband (what’s is his name again? Denis? It might be Denis) wants to go on a kayak tour of the caves.

No problem. We’re here to help. If you supply a mailing list (the same one you used for invites is great) we can mail a guide to every household invited to your wedding. Our 2019 Bayfield Travel Guide is a 64-page magazine with info about the area, lodging options, restaurants, experiences, and more. There’s also a big fold-out map in the middle to help your guests navigate during their visit to Wisconsin’s Smallest City. Whether your guests are looking for a relaxing cruise in the Apostle Islands or a challenging ride on some of the best single track mountain bike trails in the mid-west, Bayfield has something for everyone. With a Travel Guide delivered right to their home, each of your guests can build their own Bayfield adventure. And you can focus on getting married, not planning everyone else’s vacation for them (except Aunt Susan, she’s going to call no matter what. You’re on your own there.)

Here’s how it works:

1.) Get your List. We can use the same list you used to send your invites, but you may want to remove extra information like table assignments or RSVP. All we need is a name, adress, city, state and ZIP. We can work with a spreadsheet or a word processor file. No PDF’s please. You may also want to include yourself on the list so you get a guide in the same bulk mailing.

2.) Email your List to the Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau. Attach your list to an email and send it to office@nullbayfield.org. Please include a quick note about your wedding, too. We’d love to know when and where you’re getting married in the Bayfield area.

3.) Relax and plan the rest of your big day. We’ll handle mailing info to all of your guests and feel free to have them give us a call for more information at (715) 779-3335. You can also point them to bayfield.org to explore more of what Bayfield has to offer.

Congratulations, and we’ll see you in Bayfield.