Interview with Melissa Fischbach of Wild Hollow Farm

Wild Hollow Farm is a local flower farm and florist that can cover all of the floral needs for your wedding, from seed to vase! Whether you are looking to purchase buckets of field cut flowers to DIY your arrangements or for all of your bouquets and centerpieces to be made, Melissa with Wild Hollow Farm is your perfect resource!

Read our interview with Melissa, who has a love for biology, farming, the outdoors and flowers!

Wild Hollow Farm’s Bouquets

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Wild Hollow Farm.

The natural world and plants in particular have always been a central focus throughout my life. I grew up making forts and flower crowns, and pursued my interests in school with a bachelor’s degree in biology and master’s degree in horticulture. After marrying a fellow plant geek, we lived in Sweden for a year and worked on an organic vegetable and sheep farm. Living and working in the outdoors, and farming in particular, was something that was clearly in the DNA of our hearts, and we jumped right in and bought our 40-acre property in 2004. We grew our farm business along with our family, raising 4 children who know how to plant dahlia tubers, harvest and bunch radishes, and enjoy a good mud puddle.

Wild Hollow Farm is a family farm located ten miles south of Ashland. Our main focus is fresh-cut flowers, but we also grow vegetables, pastured poultry, currants, and hazelnuts. We grow over one hundred annual and perennial flower varieties, each carefully chosen to offer our customers a unique array of colors, textures, scents, and forms throughout the growing season. We offer fresh-cut seasonal flowers for weddings, events and everyday.

How did you get into the flower business?

Flowers have always been a part of our farm, but as we experimented with all sorts of crops over the years, it became clear that cut flowers were a good fit for our family, lifestyle, interests and vision for our farm business. The design aspect of flower farming grew naturally, as I quickly got requests for special bouquets, events, weddings, etc.  Through farm tours, floral design classes, conferences, lots of reading, and many hours of practice, I grew and developed my skill set and confidence in floral design. I am a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, which is an incredible resource for learning and connecting with other growers. There is always more to learn and experiment with, and I love the challenge that this provides!

What can Wild Hollow Farm provide for weddings in the area?

We offer full and partial service for any or all of our customer’s wedding flower needs. From a few bouquets or table arrangements, to bulk buckets of flowers for those who want to DIY their arrangements, all the way to providing every piece for a wedding – we accommodate a wide range of needs for weddings in the area.

Our arrangements reflect the seasonal flow of what is blooming on the farm. We put extensive work into planning our crop cycles to ensure a continuous assortment and array of colors, textures, scents and forms throughout the season. We work closely with our customers to provide the design style and color palette they are looking for. If there is a particular flower variety or color that a customer wants in their wedding, we are able to custom grow. We do need plenty of advance notice, however, since our planning and seed ordering takes place in the winter.

What is your favorite aspect of being a farmer and florist?.

I think my favorite part about my job is the balance between art and science that flower farming requires. You not only have to know how to be able to grow the flowers, but arrange and work with them as well. My degrees in biology and horticulture, plus 12 years of farming experience have given me a solid foundation in production, being able to research and implement different growing techniques, learn and understand different growing systems, and solve problems. My heart has always been in art, and I have always given space in my life for creative pursuits. My grandma was an amazing artist who had a big impact on me and gave me the gift of seeing art and beauty in the everyday. Flowers and plant material are definitely my “medium” and I find deep satisfaction, passion, and humility in being able to share that with our community.

I love the full circle of production and design that the farmer and florist occupation offers. We are a true seed to vase operation and nothing is more satisfying to me than selecting varieties, planting, caring for, designing, and finally handing over the finished product directly to the customer. My heart is so entwined throughout this whole process – I am so grateful to have found my life’s passion and to be able to connect with our customers and community through flowers.

What advice would you offer to couples looking to get married in the Bayfield area?

Schedule in a little extra time to enjoy this incredible event in your life! If you are from out of the area, come a few days early and stay a few days later. There will inevitably be so much to do and so many things to take care of, so do yourself a favor and allow extra time to enjoy yourself. We always invite our customers to come to our farm and see for themselves what we have growing. This is a chance for you to take in the colors, forms, and scents and see just what your bouquet flowers look like growing in the field. Whether it is the food, wedding favors, or flowers, having a direct connection with the grower or source of those products is an invaluable experience that will only enhance your overall event.

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