Interview: Michael Childers of Madeline Island Candles

Nothing can compare to the soft glow of candles flickering across your table. When we think of a wedding, we envision candles and flowers throughout. Here in Bayfield we are so lucky to have Madeline Island Candles, a natural materials candle maker who can customize their candles specifically for you and your wedding. We love all of their beautiful work and know you will too!

Image by Kim Thiel Photography

Tell us about yourself and your business.
We are natural materials candle makers; with studio space and a small retail shop on Madeline Island. Madeline Island Candles are made with soy wax for our container and pillar candle products, and beeswax for our taper candles.

When did you first begin making candles specifically for weddings?
Our first custom candle project for a wedding was in 2015.

What options do couples have when they come to you looking for wedding candles?
We try to keep as many options open as possible when couples start looking for wedding candles. Generally, the event also includes a wedding planner. Decisions begin to evolve that lead to color selection for other wedding elements like décor, table arrangements, flowers, etc. Then we begin the process of testing any color ideas that the wedding party and planner are interested in exploring. This testing leads to decisions about colors and candle types – often a combination of taper candles and tea lights or votive candles.

Images by Kim Thiel Photography

Do you offer a unity candle set?
We have not yet been asked to create a unity candle set – but would be happy to do so should the request arise.

How long before the wedding do you recommend couples speak to you about ordering candles?
Earlier is always better. The weddings that we have helped to create have generally required some color testing to match the wedding party/planner’s vision. After the testing phase, we then create the candles for the event. Most of our events begin to take some design and shape 4-5 months before the special day.

What is the latest that you could take an order before a wedding?
We will always try to be helpful, but if we are shipping candles to remote locations, our preference would be to have enough time to replace any issues that might arise in shipping. As a general rule, 3 weeks out would be a reasonable minimum.

What separates your candles from any other candles that couples could buy for their wedding?
All of our candles are made in small, hand poured batches, here on Madeline Island. We use natural materials that are cleaner burning than paraffin candles, that we believe are healthier and of course made from renewable sources. We can also offer custom color options for the wedding party to consider as part of their unique vision.

What is your favorite part about making candles for a wedding?
Making candles for a romantic experience like a wedding is a joy. Given enough time and consultation we get to create a contribution to a memory that the couple and their guests are going to retain for the rest of their lives. We think our job is to help create their unique vision.

To learn more about Madeline Island Candles visit their website or Facebook page!