Interview: Renee Holman of Good Thyme Catering

It’s time to tackle the task of finding a caterer for your wedding! This is a major to-do on the list and the quicker you get it checked off, the better off you’ll be. In demand caterers can be booked up to a year in advance. We asked Renee Holman of Good Thyme Catering to give us some insight and tell us what to look for when booking a caterer. You’ll be better off once you’ve reached the bottom of this page.
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What is your job title and what does that mean to folks planning their wedding? 
My name is Renee Holman owner / head chef for Good Thyme Catering. Good Thyme Catering is a well established catering company and we proudly take an artisanal approach to our food. We are very old school about our preparation; making everything from scratch. We have been catering weddings and events in the Bayfield area for over 16 years. We have a tremendous amount of experience and will make your wedding a truly special event.

What is one thing that separates your business from other similar businesses?
We are the only caterer in the area with a mobile kitchen.  Our mobile kitchen enables us to prepare the food on site and ensure your food is as fresh and hot as if your were sitting in our restaurant!

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What is your favorite part about catering weddings?
My favorite thing is to serve people’s creative ability and see it come to life and have a memorable event.

What are the most common mistakes couples make when planning their wedding?
Don’t forget to keep your eye on what’s really important to you. Don’t get bogged down in so many small details that you don’t spend enough time on what’s important.

If something goes wrong, try your best to take deep breaths and think about the big picture. Above all, keep your sense of humor!

Is there one aspect of the actual wedding day that could go smoother? 
The crucial thing about a fabulous wedding celebration is knowing what’s suppose to happen when. I will work with brides to ensure this part of the wedding goes as smooth as possible and can suggest changes where I feel they might be needed.

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What’s your best advice for couples working with a tight budget?
Planning a wedding on a tight budget is a challenge. The key to making the most of a wedding, regardless of it’s cost can be boiled downs to 3 things: set priorities, use resources that are available and be creative. Buy used! There are so many wedding purchases that can be made secondhand, and considering most wedding items are only used once, and gently at that, you can get many things for a deal. One-time use items, such as toasting flutes, cake knifes and servers are things we as caterers can provide at no extra cost I have a basement full of gems from past weddings  available to be used.

When finding a caterer, what are three things couples should look for? 
1. Listen to word of mouth recommendations. No amount of advertising can replace a good recommendation from somebody.
2. Schedule to meet in person and try some food. Meeting in person is nice when possible to really get a feel for the couple and their likes and dislikes and show off your cooking style.
3. Consider the caterer’s specialty and what services are needed. We all have our strengths, so try to find the caterer that meets your needs. Good Thyme has the equipment and experience to professionally handle a party of 10 or 200.

To learn more about Good Thyme Catering or ask Renee your own questions, go to goodthymerestaurant.com or call 715.373.5255

View More: http://on3weddingphotography.pass.us/lesliebrett