Interview with Melissa Fischbach of Wild Hollow Farm

Interview with Andrea Falconer of Stone’s Throw

February 23, 2017

Many couples who get married in the Bayfied area fully embrace the local charm of this community – and that includes purchasing locally handmade favors!

Stone’s Throw is an upbeat gallery where you’ll find a wide variety of eclectic items ranging from handmade porcelain pottery to jewelry, sculpture, functional home decor and more. We interviewed Andrea (Andy) Falconer, the owner of Stone’s Throw, to hear what she has to offer for those getting married in the area!

Tell us about yourself and Stone’s Throw.

In 1979 I came to the Lake Superior area. Not having an idea what to do with my Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Louis’ Webster University, I decided to mooch off my sister Leslie and accepted a clerking job at Karlyn’s Gallery in Washburn, Wisconsin. Karlyn soon had me working the front desk, mixing clay and glazes, throwing, taking orders, and packing and shipping—before I knew it, I was hooked. A new love affair was born. Not just with clay, but with the business of running a gallery and making it seem fun. I’ve owned Stone’s Throw in Bayfield for 21 years now. I don’t produce in the store anymore, I rent a studio space from a friend in the apple orchard area….I get way more done!

What type of gifts at your store would interest engaged couples?

Most of the items that may be of interest include pottery, always a big wedding seller. Stone’s Throw also sells jewelry, scarves, carvings, lotions, mobiles, garden decor, books and paintings.

Can couples order favors through you?

Of course! I’ve made recipe rox for wedding parties, 450 of them for the last wedding. Couples use them as name placecards on the table, showing people where to sit and then they can take them home as their favor. I’ve had couples order little heart shaped bowls. Yes, I do special orders….a good lead time works, depending on the number. It’s best to order during the off-season when I have more time.

Do you have any recommendations for couples looking to get married in Bayfield?

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Some of my top recommendations on things to do in the area are:
1. Watch the sun set on Little Sand Bay beach with a bottle of wine.
2. Have a romantic dinner at Old Rittenhouse Inn.
3. Rent kayaks, bikes, mopeds or a sailboat with a captain to show you the Aposlte Islands!
4. Walk the Brownstone Trail.
5. Get a couples massage!

To learn more about Stone’s Throw visit their website, Facebook page or stop into their storefront!

Top 6 #BayfieldWeddings Instagram Favorites of the Summer

October 3, 2016

 As the wedding season is wrapping up, we took a look back at our #BayfieldWeddings Instagram favorites of the summer! There is no doubt that those getting married here in Bayfield love Lake Superior and the beautiful land around it!

Getting married here in Bayfield or a wedding vendor getting ready for 2017? Make sure you use the hashtag #BayfieldWeddings to catch our attention, your wedding could be featured on our inspiration page and/or social media! We picked some of our favorite #BayfieldWeddings pictures that are on Instagram so far. Enjoy!

Top 6 #BayfieldWeddings Instagram Favorites


Type A Images

Lace & Brass Events 

Leafblad Photography

Good Thyme Catering

Summer catering in Bayfield!❤️ #cateringgoodthyme #bayfieldweddings

A photo posted by Good Thyme Catering (@goodthyme.cateringrenee) on

Kealy White with Ashland Baking Company

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

See our inspiration page and resources page to help plan your Bayfield wedding!

A Bayfield Sailboat Wedding

September 14, 2016

Do you have a love for the water, especially Lake Superior? Does a small, intimate ceremony sound perfect to you? Are you looking for a very unique wedding and experience for you and your guests?

The Bayfield area offers a number of charter businesses that can take you and a small group out on Lake Superior for your ceremony, and even officiate it themselves! This is exactly what Steve and Rhea did this inAugust through Dreamcatcher Sailing. Read about their Bayfield Wedding, and how they went about planning a ceremony on Lake Superior. 

_25a9906Photo Credit- Colin Schye

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you met.
We met in Lowertown, St. Paul at a gallery show. Steve is a graphic designer and art director and I am a photographer. We first became best friends before realizing we were actually in love with each other. We had been best friends for 2 years and together for 5 before marrying. When Steve proposed to me, we were on the sailboat along the north shore from Duluth to Silver Bay. It was the same place we ended up getting married, on the bow of my dad’s boat.

Where and when was your wedding? Tell us a little bit about it.
We had our grooms dinner on August 12th at Maggie’s in Bayfield, early on in the day and then had desserts and drinks at Wild Rice later that evening. Our wedding was August 13th at Presque Isle Bay on Stockton Island. When we arrived and put anchors down, the morning storms cleared and skies opened up into a bright blue and sunny sky. Both of our mothers decorated the front of the boat with yellow Gladiolus flowers (Rhea’s favorite). Then we had our ceremony on the bow of the boat with our fathers officiating. Once the ceremony was over, we grilled some Romocky brats (a local farmer in MN) and ate a late lunch. Next we went swimming and played water frisbee on the beach for hours. After that I made greek pasta salad, we drank and chatted till night fall. 2/3’s of us stayed over night on the island. The rest went back to hotels and stayed overnight in Bayfield. We had just under 20 people with us for the wedding.

How did you decide on Bayfield for your destination wedding?
Well, I (Rhea) grew up sailing Lake Superior with my father. I spent most spring, summers, falls and some winters in Bayfield working on the boat and sailing with my dad. When Steve was introduced to sailing and Lake Superior, he immediately fell in love with it, which was kind of a deal breaker if he didn’t. It seemed to just fit into place.

_25a0376Photo Credit- Colin Schye

What made you decide to get married on a sailboat on Lake Superior?
When we were looking to plan our wedding, we wanted it to be on a boat, and neither one of us wanted it to be in a fantasy location (i.e. Bahamas, Hawaii, etc.)  We felt it was important to get married in a location that had meaning to us. A place that was based in our reality. So when thinking about our favorite places, Lake Superior, and Bayfield was the undeniable choice.

How did you choose Dreamcatcher Sailing?
When we were looking for help getting some of our family members to the island, we couldn’t find any large motor sailboats for rent. It was actually a little frustrating. We were looking for overnight motorboats for our friends and family that were not comfortable the way we were with sailing. But by not finding this, it allowed us to take our family and friends on an even greater adventure and sailing trip. We looked into some boat rentals, but at the end of the day, really settled on a captained trip. The people from Dreamcatcher were the most receptive, accommodating and helpful that we could find. We are so glad we chose them to help us make our wedding a reality, it was perfect.

Anything you would recommend for other couples getting married in Bayfield?
I think our top recommendations are:

  • Get married in the way you want to in a place that has sentimental value to you. It’s a game changer.
  • Double, triple, quadruple check in with everyone you have hired, even when they say you don’t need to. Give them your number when they say they don’t need it. Always take theirs.
  • Make sure you are not alienating anyone. It’s a small town and when you leave, they have a life after you.
  • Book everything FAR in advance to make sure you have everything you need to make your special day happen.

Photo Credit – Kiah Brasch

Bayfield has many options for wedding venues, take a look here for resources! You can also see beautiful Bayfield weddings for inspiration!

Your Bayfield Tented Wedding

September 1, 2016

It is no surprise to us that Bayfield, Wisconsin is an absolutely beautiful place to say your “I-Do’s”. Elopements, small intimate weddings and large destination weddings are frequently hosted by our little town. Between Lake Superior and the beautiful outdoors, there are many gorgeous backdrops for your wedding, especially a tent wedding.

We’ve put together a list of some of the local options for tent weddings, and what makes each and every one of them unique!

View More: http://jaimeemorse.pass.us/alyssabryce-weddingPhoto Taken by Jaimee Morse at Superior Rentals 

Superior Rentals
Known for its location right on Lake Superior, Superior Rentals is a beautiful venue that hosts tent weddings all summer long. With an on-property array of rental cottages, rooms and boat houses, up to 75 of your guests can stay right here! This is such a great benefit, and allows you and your guests to make a whole weekend out of your wedding together. Superior Rentals even boasts its own private, sandy beach, giving you the option to have a lakeside ceremony right on the property too!

Good Thyme Restaurant
“Settled on 5 acres with trees, gardens, & beautiful sunset view”, Good Thyme Restaurant is a very unique venue due to its versatility. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday night for dinner to the public, with space upstairs for parties/weddings up to 40 people. Use the entire restaurant for a day-wedding or the beautiful property for your ceremony and/or tent wedding! Perfect for smaller, intimate weddings of 100 guests or less, your tent wedding would capture the beautiful outdoors while dining on delicious, local food!

11222719_10153159920544205_4014445254171704836_oPhoto Taken at Good Thyme Restaurant

Madeline Island Museum
How unique would your tent wedding be if it was next to the oldest structure on Madeline Island? Madeline Island Museum is located right in the heart of downtown LaPointe, the town on Madeline Island. Their property offers the opportunity for you and your guests to view Lake Superior while celebrating the start of your marriage. With space for both an outdoor ceremony and tent, everything for your wedding could be in one space.

11825896_969937476409575_6185909286575270054_nPhoto Taken at Madeline Island Museum

Not interested in a tent wedding? Bayfield has many options for wedding venues, take a look here for resources! You can also see beautiful Bayfield weddings for inspiration!

Late-Night Snacks for Your Wedding

November 16, 2015

It is getting later in the night and everyone is still having a blast at your wedding. Dancing, drinking and socializing have worked up quite an appetite for you and your guests. It has been hours since dinner and soon guests will begin traveling back to their hotel rooms. Make your great wedding a fantastic one by surprising everyone with a late-night snack! Not only will a late-night snack satisfy their appetite, it can also sober them up a bit. There are endless possibilities for what snack you can choose.

You can never go wrong with pizza, sliders, corn dogs or sandwiches! Everyone loves these classic go-to carbs, which you can customize to your preferences or wedding theme. You could have the pizzas delivered or talk with your caterer about taking care of the snacks.

4508369_orig 7
The Fat Radish

You can really have fun and get creative with this one! Pretzel bars, taco bars, popcorn bars or nacho bars are just the beginning. Start with the basics and provide all of the fixins so your guests can really customize their own snack. Having a bar set up is a great option because your guests can snack throughout the night while your caterer keeps the food refilled.

Sweet Tooth
Ice cream sundaes, cookies + milk, and fruit + chocolate are just a few snack ideas for you and your guests. Everyone will be sure to enjoy these sweet tasty treats while finishing up the night dancing away!

3068231_orig 2
The Fat Radish

Keepin’ it Classy
Who’s to say you can’t snack on smoked salmon or a cheese torta at night? Good Thyme Catering has even provided sushi as a late night snack! Your guests will really enjoy these appetizer-like snacks even if it is at 10 p.m.!

Smoked Salmon 4 ways
Good Thyme Catering

Whatever you choose for your late-night snack, there is no doubt that your guests will be happily surprised and grateful! Whether you tackle the snack yourself or have your caterer or coordinator handle it, make sure you don’t wait until last minute to plan it!

Check out Bayfield’s venues and vendors here.

A Bayfield Ice Road Wedding

October 30, 2015

Married on a frozen Lake Superior – now that is a winter wedding!

Every year the channel separating Bayfield and Madeline Island freezes over, becoming thick enough to drive back and forth on. Locals plow and sand the route, creating a way to get back and forth. Ryan, who grew up in Bayfield, and Shui, his bride, have a love for Lake Superior and decided to take full advantage of the Ice Road in a completely unique way! Read about their wedding and how they went about getting married in the middle of winter out on the beautiful ice in Bayfield.

IMG_7027-LImage by Riverstone Photography

Ryan and Shui had an outdoor winter ceremony on February 28, 2015 on the Lake Superior Ice Road between Bayfield and Madeline Island. A small, intimate ceremony is exactly what this couple had in mind. With 12 in-person guests and family Facetiming from China, they had their unique ceremony on Lake Superior. Ryan has family in Bayfield and always loved Lake Superior. Shui’s name actually translates to water – so it was no surprise that they wanted to incorporate Lake Superior into their ceremony.

Around two weeks before their wedding date, Ryan’s mother made the suggestion of getting married on the Ice Road. Since they were planning on having a small, quick ceremony they knew this could work! They found a spot on the Ice Road where they could be out of the way of traffic and set up an arch. Everything fell together perfectly and they had the unique wedding they were hoping for. Following their ceremony they quickly bundled up and had a small reception at Ryan’s parents’ house. Then this past August they had a large reception at the Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion.


Image by Riverstone Photography

To prepare for an outdoor winter wedding, the couple made sure to dress in many layers. February 28 ended up being quite a cold day, but that didn’t stop any of their guests from celebrating with them. Their plan B if it was too cold or if the Ice Road wasn’t open was to either go to one of the Bayfield marinas or Ryan’s parents’ property. Either option would still keep them outside and near the water – like they wanted. For any couple looking to get married outside in the winter, they would recommend to dress very warm and to stress to your guests that it can get very, very cold out on the ice. Ryan and Shui also agree that an outdoor winter wedding is easiest when the ceremony is quick and the guest list is short, in case plans need to be changed last minute.

Ryan and Shui are very happy with how their wedding turned out. They said their guests were excited to attend the unique ceremony and everyone had a really fun time. Not many people can say they were married on the ice of Lake Superior or even attended a wedding out on the ice! If their story has inspired you to take advantage of the Ice Road for your own wedding, please visit here to learn more about the Ice Road.


Interview with Emily Jeffress of Lace & Brass Events

November 13, 2014
The day you say “I do” should be filled with smiles, laughter and maybe some happy tears. One way to veer off this joyful road is by experiencing wedding planning stress. Months and months of planning come together for one, magical day. One way to keep it magical and stress-free is by hiring the services of a wedding planner. Let us introduce the Bayfield area’s very own, Emily of Lace & Brass Events.

Photographer: Jaimee Morse // Planning, Design + Decor: Lace & Brass Events

1. Tell us about yourself and your company.
My name is Emily Jeffress and I am 27 years old. My husband and I moved to Bayfield County from Northwest Indiana in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with this area! Since then we have had a son, daughter and settled permanently in Cornucopia.

I started Lace & Brass Events in 2014 and it has been an incredible dream to see it grow. As a wedding planner we work with couples from the very beginning of their planning process. We keep track of the budget, guests, checklists, RSVPs, payments, contacts etc all while communicating with the vendors throughout the entire process. We work with the couple on designing the wedding style and decor. We attend vendor appointments and basically guide you through wedding planning keeping it stress-free and a happy experience for you!  On the wedding day we manage the wedding party, oversee vendor set-up, facilitate the ceremony and much more!

We also offer day-of coordination and event design services along with really unique all-inclusive elopement packages and a sailboat elopement package!

2. How did you get into wedding planning? 
After spending a year and a half planning, designing, and creating my entire wedding, I realized I not only loved doing this but I was really good at it! I then helped friends with some of their wedding planning and began hearing a lot, “You should do this for a living!” I decided to do just that. I found that there was a real need for a wedding planner in the area, seeing as Bayfield did not have any local wedding coordinators or planners before.

Photographer: Jaimee Morse // Planner: Lace & Brass Events

3. What’s your favorite part of the job? 
I love seeing all of the work we have done together come together beautifully on the wedding day. It makes me incredibly happy to see my clients blissfully enjoying their wedding day while we take care of all the details and coordination. 

4. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your job? 
Expect the unexpected! Unfortunately situations like a faulty generator or red wine on your wedding dress aren’t planned but we are prepared for situations and handle them calmly and carefully! 

5. Are there any trends you love or would love to see couples leave behind? 
I absolutely love that couples embrace what feels right to them. Whether that is a beautiful large event or something incredibly small. This is one of the main reasons we created our all-inclusive elopement packages in 2016! We hope couples continue to follow their heart and not feel pressured to do something that isn’t right for them.

Photographer: Kellie Rae Studios // Elopement Planner: Lace & Brass Events

6. What advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning their big day? 
Pinterest can be such a great tool while wedding planning but it can also cause some struggles for couples. Sometimes there are too many fun, unique things you would like to include in your wedding, too many DIY projects you would like to do or too many decor pieces you want to squeeze in somewhere. Narrow down your wedding “board” to what you actually want to have at your wedding and go with it!

To learn more about what Emily has to offer, check out her website + Facebook page

Updated November 2017