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Interview: Anna Johnson of Superior Body Massage & Spa

May 2, 2016

Whether you are planning a bachelorette party, honeymoon or a pre-wedding spa day – Superior Body Massage & Spa has a variety of packages and services for you!

This day-spa is located in downtown Bayfield. Open year-round, they offer massage, facials, spa treatments, manicures, pedicures and facial waxing.

Read on to  hear about the bachelorette groups they have hosted, their newly renovated spa, the bridal packages they offer and their recommendations for brides!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Superior Body Massage & Spa.
Superior Body Massage & Spa is on the eve of its 10th anniversary. We opened in May of 2006. We have been at the same location the entire time, adding on more space every few years as we’ve grown.

We finished our last remodel and the addition of almost 1000 more square feet of spa space at the end of last year. It turned out beautifully and we now have three treatment rooms (a couples massage room, a wet room for spa treatments and an individual treatment room for massage and skin care). We also have a large nail service room with two spa pedicure thrones and our manicure station.

With the remodel we were able to make our reception area much larger to include retail space of some great new product lines and also make our waiting area much more private for groups.


What inspired you to start your own spa here in Bayfield?
I had moved away from the area for a couple of years and my then-boyfriend, now-husband convinced me to move back here with him. There was no one doing anything like this at the time – and there still isn’t – so it was the perfect time to open a day spa here.

What wedding related services do you provide?
We offer massage, facials, spa treatments, manicures, pedicures and facial waxing.

Do you have a bridal package? If so, what does it include/entail?
We do have a bridal package that can be viewed on our website, it includes a massage or facial as well as a manicure and pedicure. Although groups do book this package, often bridal groups design their own package because we have such a large service menu and typically not everyone wants to do the same services. For bridal groups of four or more people, I discount their custom designed packages 10% when they book by May 1st.

Have you hosted any particularly memorable wedding-related parties/groups?
We recently had a large bachelorette group come in that were all dressed in red flannel, which was very cute. Another group did a Geisha theme, we hung paper lanterns and they drank sake. We have had groups as large as 14 and as small as just the bride and her best friend. Some bring in loads of munchies, desserts and champagne and make a party of it. Others just really want to chill-out before the big day. They are all a pleasure to have here.


What is the most common service you provide for newlyweds on their honeymoon?
Any of our couples massage services are very popular for newlyweds. Bayfield is a hot spot for honeymooners wanting to stay within driving distance of their homes and there are some Saturdays where we have three or four newlywed couples. It’s fun to hear them congratulate each other.

Do you sell gift certificates?
We do sell gift certificates both on our website and at the spa.

Are there any recommendations you have for brides?
From a logistical side, I recommend handing the spa-day planning off to a bridesmaid or family member. There are so many details and decisions with any sized wedding and it’s really enjoyable for brides to just get to show up and enjoy themselves without having to organize another event. That being said, plenty of brides really want to make sure that the day goes as they envision, in which case I recommend contacting me directly a couple months prior to help design the perfect spa day for you.

What advice do you have for couples (or brides) planning their wedding in Bayfield?
Plan an extra few days in Bayfield after your wedding so you can relax and enjoy Bayfield as a newly married couple.

To learn more about Superior Body Massage & Spa visit their website + Facebook page!


A Frugal “I do” and Family Tradition from the “UU”

June 11, 2015

For one Madison couple, creating frugal family traditions started with “I do” and the “UU.”



Charles Gervasi proposed to Melinda Gustafson (Gervasi) on the Winter Solstice, December 21 in 2005. The couple quickly decided on a planned elopement because neither wanted to enter into their married life in debt due to the wedding ceremony.

“Financial problems are one of the biggest reasons people split-up,” Melinda said. “We didn’t want to start off with this big mountain of debt.”

Initially, the couple thought they might go to Costa Rica, however after careful consideration of their personalities they decided that Bayfield would be more appropriate.

“We wanted to relax on our honeymoon,” Melinda recalled. “If we had gone to Costa Rica, we would have felt too obligated to see everything.”

The couple was married at the Bayfield County Courthouse on the Summer Solstice—June 21—in 2006 and spent an entire week in Bayfield celebrating their vows. “The proceeding,” as the couple likes to call it, took place on the lawn at noon. Melinda recalls that the weather was perfect and after they exchanged their “I do’s,” people started cheering out of the second story window of the courthouse.


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“We didn’t even know that people were watching,” Melinda said.

Melinda was married in a two-piece white suit and held a small bouquet of flowers from the Washburn IGA, while Charles donned a simple suit.

“It’s a beautiful backdrop no matter where you are up there,” Melinda
noted. “We didn’t need fancy decorations or anything. It was nice.”

Melinda said overall, “the proceeding” was exactly what she hoped for: simple, stress-free and a day she will always remember.

“I’ve known women who say they cannot even remember exchanging their vows—they get so stressed out,” Melinda recalled. “We did exactly what we wanted to do. It was a very relaxing and not frenzied at all.”

For several years after the wedding, the couple celebrated their anniversary in ways that fit in with their changing lifestyles. The couple gave birth to their son in 2008 and their daughter in 2010.

In 2011, the couple entered a drawing at their Unitarian Universalist church for a weekend vacation in Bayfield. Melinda said they didn’t initially win the drawing, but were selected as a backup.





Several weeks before the vacation, the winning couple backed out—leaving the Gervasi family with a free weekend’s stay in Bayfield. The family enjoyed their vacation so much—and reminded them of their planned elopement and life they’ve created together— they decided to make it a yearly tradition.

“The family loves Bayfield. We always stay at the Ada O’Day condos. The kids know exactly where the ice cream store is. The town is small and beautiful,” Melinda explained. “We really see this as a nice tradition now. It’s our centering place, the place that grounds us.”

Melinda believes people oftentimes overlook a planned elopement, but she suggests that brides and grooms to-be reconsider it as a time, money and sanity-saving wedding option.


Bayfield Activities For Your Wedding Guests (2)

November 6, 2014

Create an exceptional experience by offering memorable activities for your guests. While the main reason for your guests gathering is to watch you get hitched, Bayfield’s boundless beauty sets the stage for countless memorable experiences for them to enjoy during their stay. Check out some of the seasonal activities waiting for you and your entourage to dive into. Your wedding guests will be thanking you.

Part 2 of a 2 part series.

Entertainment + Leisure

Orchards + Wineries — Nestled in the rising hills of Bayfield are a bushel of scenic and charming orchards and berry farms. During the summer months, invite your wedding guests to experience the simple pleasure of picking a variety of berries. Come fall time, apples and homemade treats are the pride of the land. Don’t miss out on the unique treasure, Wisconsin’s Berry Capital, and all it has to offer. Find everything you need to know right here

Image-1 (5)

Apostle Islands Cruises — Your guests can go beyond simply sightseeing and learn about the culture, history and highlights of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands on one of several Apostle Islands boat cruises. Tour lighthouses or go hiking out on the islands, browse different cruises here

Museums + History Tours —  You know there will be a few history enthusiasts on the guest list, so why not introduce them to Northern Wisconsin’s rich history by inviting them to visit the Bayfield Historical Museum or Bayfield’s Maritime Museum? Visitors can also enjoy one of the town’s award winning historic walking tours along the streets of Bayfield.

Golf — It will only take your guests one time golfing Apostle Highlands Golf Course to know they need to take a little extra time to enjoy the scenic vista overlooking the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior. Northern Wisconsin golfing at its best, Apostle Highlands is located 500 feet above Lake Superior’s south shore and offers fantastic views of Chequamegon Bay!

Image-1 (6)

Concerts by the Lake — If your guests decide to get into town early or stay a little longer during the summer months, they’ll have the chance to enjoy an outdoor concert in Memorial Park along the shores of Lake Superior. Concerts take place on Tuesdays at 7pm. The view? They’ll be looking out to Madeline Island and the pier as the sun sets… They’ll have the best seat in town!

Shops + Galleries — Bayfield has no shortage of charming boutiques and galleries. When your guests are perusing through town, they’ll find a plethora of unique jewelry, art and clothing. Not what they’re looking for? Candy, fudge, fruit pies, fresh or smoked fish… Bayfield has that too! Find a list of retailers here.

Big Top Chautauqua — This famous blue circus tent on top of Mt. Ashwabay welcomes nationally and internationally known entertainment. Seating 900, there is more than enough room for your whole guest list if you wish it! Hands will be clapping and toes will be tapping. Check it out!

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