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Interview with Jamey Ritter of Bemused Design & Photography

January 5, 2018

We interviewed with local photographer and graphic designer Jamey Ritter, the owner of Bemused Design & Photography, to learn all about her businesses and how they intertwine together! From designing vintage-style wedding posters to photographing weddings and elopements, Jamey has many options for any couple getting married in the area. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Bemused Design & Photography

I’ve been a published photographer since 1992 and a graphic designer since 1995. I can’t imagine giving either up. Creating in photography and design keeps me engaged and passionate about both. 


How has your business evolved over the years?
I’ve come to concentrate on the things I love to do and am good at. I really enjoy focusing on wedding photography and family portrait sessions. I dabble occasionally in newborn photography but, that’s way more exhausting than a whole day shooting a wedding. As for design, I’m finding myself spending more and more time and energy on my line of vintage poster designs. I literally dream about them and get really excited to release new designs to the world.

What is your most rewarding and challenging part of wedding photography?

I get really nervous the day before the wedding. I know that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and I get worried about not making the wedding couple happy. Once I start shooting, I’m fine, but there are times I’d rival the bride for nervous butterflies.


What is your most rewarding part of graphic designing for weddings?
I LOVE designing my custom wedding posters. I totally geek out over wedding dresses, veils and wedding jewelry. It’s also such a unique gift, I like seeing their faces when they realize they are featured in the design.

What is one of your favorite moments to capture during a wedding day?
My favorite moments are the ones in which the bride and groom are being themselves and don’t even realize they’re being photographed. A sweet smile or gentle caress that truly represents who they are as a couple and the photos they love and treasure the most. 

What advice would you give to couples who are in the midst of planning their wedding?

I’ve been to many weddings lately where they’ve added non-traditional elements. One couple actually mixed beer as part of their unity ceremony. Brewing beer was something they loved to do together. I encourage all couples to bring elements like that into they wedding ceremony. I’ve shot pilots that went to the airport for photos and outdoors enthusiasts who paddled themselves to the reception. Make it memorable.

To learn more about Bemused Design & Photography visit their website and Facebook!

Interview with Annie Lawrence of Bottle Rocket Photography

May 4, 2017

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is completely accurate when you see Bottle Rocket Photography‘s work! Annie Lawrence is the owner and incredible artist behind Bottle Rocket Photography, based in northern Wisconsin but also servicing Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and beyond.

We interviewed Annie to find out all about her photography business, the artist behind the camera and her recommendations for your Bayfield wedding! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Bottle Rocket Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Bottle Rocket Photography.
Bottle Rocket Photography is me, Annie Lawrence, a 30-something, mother, wife, coffee lover & adventure seeker. I have almost always had a camera in my hand, but it was in high school that my love for photography was really sparked in the dark room. I would skip other classes to hold on to any extra time I could, to see those portraits take shape under a red light. It was always portraits that truly moved me. I love the challenge of trying to catch a real moment with someone, or making them feel comfortable enough with me to let that veil drop that we all carry around with us. I started Bottle Rocket Photography in 2012, and am grateful every day that I chose this path.

How did you get into wedding photography?
I jumped into wedding photography by accident. When I started my business it was geared more toward family & children. But, after assisting photographers at several weddings I knew this is what I wanted to do. From the first couple that shared their love story with me, and for every love story after, I am honored to document such intimate & life changing moments.

Photo Credit: Bottle Rocket Photography

What is the most challenging aspect about wedding photography?
For me the most challenging aspect of being a wedding photographer isn’t the wedding day, but what follows. Wedding days are so fun for me, sharing in the emotion with the couples (I cry at nearly every wedding), watching the joy, the nerves, and excitement make wedding days easy. But the days & weeks after are more challenging, to find balance not only as a wedding photographer, but as a mother, and wife. After the wedding is over, there are still hours and hours of editing, blogging, and uploading left to do. Without balance it’s easy to lose the passion and love for the job that is necessary to produce high quality work.  

How would you describe your style?
I could consider my photography style to be a mix of unposed posing (if that makes any sense), artistic and documentary. I am inspired by genuine people and natural beauty. I believe photographs are meant to be timeless and last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Bottle Rocket Photography

What is included in your most common wedding photography service? 
All of my standard wedding packages include an engagement session. Basically we hang out, get to know each other, and make pretty photos along the way. Also included in standard packages are your professionally edited photos posted on a private online gallery for easy downloading with print release. I also offer custom & elopement packages! My goal is to give one-of-a-kind photos that tell your story.

What advice would you offer to couples looking to get married in the Bayfield area?
Bayfield has so much to offer. Get out and explore! Get married on a boat, on an island, in one of northern Wisconsin’s gorgeous state parks, in an orchard, or at a local venue! So many options, so find a place that best suits your personality and sense of adventure! Last but definitely not least, give yourself plenty of time to plan, you only get to plan your wedding once, make it a fun process not a stressful one. Oh, one more thing: hire local!

Photo Credit: Bottle Rocket Photography

To learn more about Bottle Rocket Photography visit their website and Facebook page!

Interview with Jen Jensen of Ps 139 Photography

January 19, 2017

We know we don’t have to tell you how important photography is for your wedding day!

Your photographer should be one of the very first vendors that you hire for your wedding, because they book up very quickly! And no two photographers are the same, each with their own style and personality, so be sure to do your research.

We love all the great advice that Jen Jensen of Ps 139 Photography gave us during her interview! Read ahead to hear more about her photography business, what her services include and her recommendations for those getting married in the Bayfield area!

81-2841 - ps139photography bayfield wi chateau weddingPhoto Credit: Ps 139 Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Ps 139 Photography.
So what is there to know? Well, I love people! Especially one certain man named Josh who has been my best friend and hero…I mean, husband for going on 21 years now and the four beautiful children we have been blessed with! I love being able to photograph the connection between people and the beauty that they have inside and out! The time in a student’s life before the end of their High School year, finally a senior! The awkward years for a child when they are about to be a teen and not really a kid anymore…helping that “tween” really gain confidence in who they are by seeing beautiful photographs of themselves. The wedding day of two people crazy in love who can’t wait to get to the honeymoon (oh man, I remember that like it was yesterday, not 21 years ago!). Kids running around crazy with parents who think they aren’t cooperating…I live that everyday…so that doesn’t phase me and I love to capture the realness of your children and family on camera so you can look back and remember how crazy and fun that stage of life is! This is what I love!

If I could choose one place to have a gift card or to win a shopping spree it would be an office supply store! Yep, that’s what I said, office supplies…the wonder of gel pens in medium or fine blue, pinks, purples, and black and mechanical pencils, Sharpee markers and highlighters and oh, the joy of sticky notes, all colors and shapes and sizes of sticky notes…makes me think of how God made you and me…wonderfully and joyfully and different, in all different shapes and sizes! That’s what Psalm 139 talks about and why my business is named what it is–because God made each of us fearfully and wonderfully and I want to showcase that amazing, beautiful creative creation to the world!


Photo of Jen Jensen taken by Luke and Cat Photography

How did you get into wedding photography?
I first started photography with families and then a friend of my sister asked me to do their wedding. I was SOOOO nervous! I rented gear I didn’t have yet, charged so little that it cost me money to do the wedding (oops!), found another photographer to shoot with me (insurance of two getting shots I might otherwise miss on my own, plus it’s someone to freak out with and rejoice with!), and we did the wedding day. There were tornado sirens going off in a nearby town close enough to hear them and a piece of my gear blew out of my hands in the wind and instantly sunk in the Fox River! I look back at those photos and some I’m impressed by and others I wish I could go back and edit them all over again!

I was told in my training that you’ll either love or hate weddings as a photographer. It actually took me a while to decide and when I started doing weddings the way I do I now LOVE wedding photography the most! I enjoy so much getting to know the bride and often the groom as well or the bride’s mom. I love traveling the journey with her, helping her to navigate through the months before the wedding. I love coaching the bride and groom along during their engagement session to know how to pose and not feel awkward. I absolutely love making the bride, groom, their wedding party and their family laugh and feel comfortable and not dread the photos of the day! I love the excitement and often tears of joy and gratitude when they see the first wedding photos I show them! I love how by the end of the day I feel like I’m a part of their family and they seem to feel the same about me!

215-2972 - ps139photography bayfield wi chateau weddingPhoto Credit: Ps 139 Photography

What is the most challenging thing about wedding photography?
Wedding photography has many many challenges from the difficult family members, posing the different shapes and sizes of the couples, sometimes the drama of the day, the varied lighting and new locations but those things don’t bother me too much — this is a quote from my website and I mean it: “Crabby people? Let me help with that. Chaos? I won’t stress out. Wardrobe malfunction? We’ll be patient and make the most of the time. Big noisy family? Got that too, so no problem!

I think the most challenging part is the weather—something I can’t control but we just have to make the best of it and relax and have fun while getting the shots that we need! Patience and baby powder has always paid off with weather that isn’t ideal! Oh and clear umbrellas—what a genius idea!!

 How would you describe your style?
I would say that my style is clean, bright and timeless. I love to have fun and see natural laughter and I love romance, intimacy and tender moments as well! Connection between people in a photo is very important to me as well!
What is included in your most common wedding photography service?
I like to have a complete experience for my couples. I don’t want them to miss out on what I know makes that experience memorable, enjoyable and worthwhile! I include an engagement session so that we can get to know one another and how we all work around the camera. The first wedding I shot, the groom never smiled for the camera! If I had done an engagement session ahead of that I would have been prepared for the wedding day with tricks up my sleeve. I also include personal consultations to see the wedding album options, get to know each other to see if we’re a good fit and to plan the schedule for the day so we don’t miss any essential photos and care for the couple and the wedding party well throughout the day. A 2nd photographer is included as well—this allows for more photos, more coverage and more fun! Also included is an amazing mega album that looks and feels incredible! One of my grooms ended up booking with me because he was so impressed with the album and said they had to have it! All of the digital images that I edit (generally 70-100 per hour of coverage) are also included and shared on an easy to use and beautiful to look at online gallery that can be shared with family and friends around the world! I like to spoil my couples so some super gifts and surprises are also a part of my most commonly selected wedding collection!

Photo Credit: Ps 139 Photography
What advice would you offer to couples looking to get married in the Bayfield area?
Advice I would give and always given when a bride or groom inquires with me is:
  • Find a photographer that you connect with, that you know has reputable work both inside and outdoors, has great reviews and includes a CONTRACT. Book early and talk with him/her about the timeline of the day and when the best light is to have the ceremony and the majority of the photos. Be willing to be flexible to get what they say is the best light!
  • Book a wedding coordinator to help you with the day, especially if you are coming to Bayfield as a destination wedding. She will help you take a lot of stress off and make the day even more special!
  • Ask your coordinator or your photographer for recommendations for videographers, venues and caterers, booking those next.
  • Real flowers and bigger more colorful flowers photograph better than artificial and small.
  • Remember that what lasts after the day is the photography, videography and your vows! Don’t skimp on those areas and you will have no regrets!

To learn more about Ps 139 Photography, take a look at their website and Facebook!

An Outdoor Winter Wedding, Bayfield Style

January 4, 2017

Here in Bayfield, Wisconsin we don’t hibernate inside all winter waiting for summer to come. We embrace the beautiful snow, cold, ice caves and the many outdoor activities and sports. Mollie + Isaac did not disappoint with their outdoor January wedding.

Read more about this beautiful winter wedding along with their advice for planning a winter wedding of your own!

Photo by JaneCane Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you met.

Isaac is a full time fire fighter and EMT in Burnsville, MN . I own my own hair and makeup business and do lots and lots of weddings! Isaac and I met a few years before we started dating at our CrossFit gym in the cities, we quickly become best of friends and didn’t see anything beyond that. All of our friends thought a little bit different and asked when we were going to start dating! Once we finally decided to go for it we never looked back, and each day was better than the last! We now have a perfect little baby boy Axel and couldn’t be more thrilled for our little family! We can’t wait for forever!

Give us a detailed look into your wedding day.

We had a very laid back casual outdoor January wedding! I was on Madeline Island with family and a few close friends getting really at a family home, took the ferry across bright and early so I could be able to style Isaac’s hair… he had strict orders of keeping his eyes shut.

We then traveled to Isaac’s family’s dock on Lake Superior to do our first look, we couldn’t have picked a better location! Then off to Good Thyme for our ceremony where my brother officiated our big “I Dos.” Someone was definitely watching out for us- gave us 40 degree weather in January! We then ate a wonderful brunch and our perfect day was complete.

What drew you to have your wedding here in the Bayfield area? 

Isaac was born and raised in Bayfield and I have family connections to the area, having traveled there a lot growing up. It seemed the perfect place, and not far for the majority of our family.

What advice would you have for someone planning a winter wedding?

The advice I tell all of my brides – Don’t worry and stress about the small things, no one is going to notice besides you. Think about the big picture and the outcome of the day: getting to marry your best friend!

Flowers – Donna Line
First Look: Family owned lake shore property

If you are planning a Bayfield proposal, wedding or honeymoon take a look at our resources and inspiration page!

Inspiration for your Winter Wedding

November 30, 2016

Nothing is as beautiful as the never ending white snow and pine trees here in Bayfield during the winter. You can incorporate both pine trees and branches throughout your entire wedding, really embracing the winter forest theme. We have gathered some of our favorite ideas to help inspire your winter wedding!


Bring the outdoors in for your ceremony; pine trees and branches make a beautiful addition to your space! Feeling adventurous? Bundle up in a fur shawl and have your ceremony outdoors in the snow!

winter-forest-wedding-38Photo Credit: Alison Conklin Photography

Faux Bridal Wrap

Set the mood for your winter wedding by sending stationery that reflects your theme!

Danyelle Woods Designs

Oh Lilly Designs

Keep the forest theme strong by incorporating the outdoors into your centerpieces! Pine branches, tree slices, and birch bark are just a few ideas to go along with a winter forest wedding. Add candles or fairy lights to make the mood very warm and cozy!

Photo Credit: JoPhoto

Photo Credit: Erin Kate Photo

befunky-collageFairy Lights

Although favors are becoming optional these days, if you do decide to give your guests a favor choose an eco-friendly gift like pine tree plants!

Eastern Leaf

 See our inspiration page and resources page to help plan your Bayfield wedding!

Beach Weddings from the Photographer’s Eyes

August 1, 2016

When most people think of beach weddings, they imagine a beautiful lake, sand between their toes and a quick, simple ceremony. Although all of these statements can be true, there is much more that goes into having your ceremony on a beach, a Lake Superior beach especially! We have spoken with local photographer Jamey Ritter of Bemused Design & Photography to hear her perspective on beach weddings – Enjoy!

BixenmanWedding-5988Photo Taken By Bemused Design & Photography

From a photographer’s standpoint, what are a few great reasons to have a beach wedding?
Beaches don’t need any decoration. The setting itself is gorgeous. Sunshine and a light lake breeze are a great combination May-October on Lake Superior. It also gives you many different options for photos. Trees, the lake, docks, boathouses, are all fair game for couples and wedding party group photos.

What are some obstacles you have seen that come with having a beach wedding?
The sun
Nearly every beach wedding I’ve shot has been in full sun. “Great!” you say. Full sun makes everyone squint, lots of shadows, not to mention a beautiful bride typically in a white dress that is now as easy to look at as it is to stare at the sun. Do your photographer a favor and make a mental note of some shady and beautiful sites nearby.

Sand can be hard to walk on
I’ve had weddings where everyone had to walk 300 yards over sand to get to the ceremony site. Everyone was “glowing” by the end of the hike. Sand also creates mobility issues for older or disabled guests.
Hauling chairs for guests to sit on can be a 1-3 hours process. “It looked easy on Pinterest.” Have a good work crew ready to go early in the morning if this is your plan. Be sure to bring towels to wipe off seats, if needed.

Have a back up site

Rain seems to be especially difficult to predict here. A light mist is tolerable, but our summer storms can bring lots of rain, wind and big surf. Always have a backup plan.

Do you have any recommendations for couples planning a beach wedding?
The beach is a beautiful, romantic place to get hitched. Just plan for the contingencies and have a wonderful wedding day!

See our inspiration page and resources page to help plan your Bayfield Beach Wedding!


Winter Engagement Photos- The Couple + Photographer Perspectives

December 15, 2015

Are you tossing around the idea of taking your engagement photos this winter? Not sure if the beautiful snow covered pine trees are worth the cold? We have spoken with Kyle and Kori, a couple who took advantage of our beautiful winters, and their photographer Jen Jensen of PS 139 Photography. Below you will find both perspectives to a winter engagement shoot- the couple and their photographer.

ashland wi photographer bessemer mi-4802Photographer: PS 139 Photography

The Couple – Kyle + Kori

Tell us a little about yourselves and your engagement photo session.
Kyle is originally from the UP and I am from Wisconsin. Since I have come to love winter activities because of all he has introduced me to, we decided that winter engagement photos were the right thing for us. We gave Jen, of PS 139 Photography, the instruction that we wanted a rustic, woodsy shoot and she choose the perfect location for us in Ashland.

What were some of the advantages of taking your engagement photos in the winter?
Advantages of a winter photo shoot are that crisp white snow makes a beautiful background. In addition to photos of us, Jen captured a couple of pictures of my engagement ring in the snow and the way it sparkled was amazing! Additionally, since we knew that we would be getting married in the fall it is a nice way to have contrast between your engagement photo and wedding photo environments. Lastly, we knew what clothing we wanted to wear for our engagement photos, including boots and Kromers, so they were best for a winter shoot!

What were some of the disadvantages of winter engagement photos?
The disadvantage to a winter shoot is it can be VERY cold! Our photos were taken when it was only 11 degrees outside and since I did not want us to wear coats we had to take breaks during the shoot to get in our vehicle to warm up. This also meant that in some of our shots we had red noses, thank goodness for Photoshop!

What would you recommend to future couples looking to get their engagement photos taken in the winter?
If couples are thinking of doing their photos in the winter I would suggest that they find clothes that they can layer and also be able to wear long underwear underneath. Kyle learned quickly that my suggestion of putting long underwear under his jeans would have been a good idea, since he decided not to take my suggestion he was definitely colder than I was. When taking all engagement photos have a plan with your photographer of what type of photos you would like them to capture. If you want any specific props included, locations or poses let them know in advance. This is especially important when you are working quickly in cold weather, you won’t want to spend too much time outside discussing what you wanted to capture. And most importantly have fun with it! The more relaxed you are and the more willing you are to interact with each other like you aren’t being photographed the better your photos will be.

ashland wi photographer bessemer mi-4781Photographer: PS 139 Photography

The Photographer – Jen Jensen of PS 139 Photography

What are some of your favorite settings/props for winter engagement shoots?
I look for locations first with great light! Then with untouched snow—I want it to look like my couple was the first and only people in that setting after it snowed. Beautiful backdrops would include birch trees mixed in with pines, pines with lots of snow on the branches, dark branches of any kind of tree or foliage to contrast the snow. I especially love the look of an open unending road meeting the sky with trees or forest on both sides! One location I have permission to use and use often (including Kori and Kyle’s engagement session) has a mix of everything including pathways, cut logs and usually some round hay bales. I also love the opening of any kind of structure too, like a barn, shed, porch or even a grove of trees! I’m not too big into props but I like to use the natural props in our surroundings. Sometimes though I’ll bring my wood box or in this case a quilt because it was SO cold that day!

 ashland wi photographer bessemer mi-4941
Photographer: PS 139 Photography

How long are you typically outside for? Anything special you have to do with your equipment in the cold?
We stay out as long as we can stand it! Oftentimes I’m in snowpants (because I always end up kneeling in the snow) and have layers on and handwarmers in my gloves and boots. I suggest and encourage my clients to do layers and use handwarmers to their advantage but often they don’t realize how cold it’s going to be and just want to look cute without the bulk. If the couple finds themselves getting very cold, we spend just little moments outside and get back into vehicles to warm up. One winter engagement session I brought along a thermos of hot chocolate with mugs that say “Love” on them, layered blankets on the snow and shot pictures of the groom-to-be pouring hot chocolate for his bride-to-be and the couple sharing the warmth of those mugs together. The steam was fun to have in the shots as well as the fun of the marshmallows!

My equipment can handle the cold quite well but I do have to keep my extra camera battery in my front jeans pocket or near a hand warmer so that it can be switched out when the camera starts to slow down from the battery being too cold.

Is it more difficult to shoot in the winter such as glares from ice and snow?
I actually find the snow fun to shoot in and a great natural reflector. The snow bounces light up into the clients’ faces so there’s no need for me to bring an artificial reflector or even bump my exposure as high as I would in the warmer months with green grass, leaf covered or dirt roads. Some photographers will fear shooting in snow because they find it hard to not have the snow come out with a blue color cast or looking too gray but if you set your white balance correctly there’s no need to worry!

What are a few advantages to winter engagement shoots for you and your clients?
Some advantages of winter engagements would be: shooting a totally different season than their wedding. I do quite a few destination weddings for couples that travel to Madeline Island or Bayfield for their summer or fall weddings. This gives them a good opportunity to check out their venue or meet with other vendors while they are here for the engagement session. Also, it’s a much slower time for me and for my clients so it’s a little easier to schedule a date and have fun getting to know each other before the wedding day!


The Bayfield area is absolutely beautiful all year long, especially in the winter. There are plenty of hidden places your photographer would be able to take you! If the ice caves are open you have endless opportunities for stunning and unique engagement photos. To see local engagements and engagement photo inspirations take a look at our Pinterest boards. You can see more of PS 139 Photography‘s work on their website or Facebook page.

Picture-Perfect at the Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion

May 28, 2015

The Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion, located right on the shores of Lake Superior, is a breathtaking location for your Bayfield wedding or reception year round. However, according to local photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, setting up for a picture-perfect wedding in this venue takes a little planning.

If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony in the Pavilion, Hudson believes it is imperative that the couple does not stand directly in front of the big windows facing the lakefront, even though it is quite tempting.

“This is a back lit photographic nightmare,” Hudson said.

Hudson noted the best way to take advantage of the natural light in the building is to station the ceremony in front of the North wall, with the large front widows to the right of the guests.

“This way guarantees you get beautiful window light on your ceremony and that the guests are looking at you—not at the view,” said Hudson. 


Receptions should be staged in a similar fashion, with the head table along the North wall. Hudson said guests and photographers alike will thank you for this arrangement.

“They will not have to try to look at people giving toasts as they are back lit by the bright light outside,” she said.

Although the windows are not an ideal backdrop for the ceremony or reception, Hudson said it is a picture-perfect setting for the dance floor.

“Your photographer will be able to use a lot of beautiful natural light—if it’s still light out, as can happen in early summer—while you’re dancing,” said Hudson.

Warm lighting in the pavilion can provide a welcoming and intimate atmosphere while providing the perfect type of light for wedding photographers to capture nuptial smiles, tears and kisses.

Hudson suggests using a lot of candles, as the warm light that filters from them creates a natural photogenic ambiance.

Bayfield-Lakeside Pavilion-Wedding-3Bayfield-Lakeside Pavilion-wedding-4

“The Pavilion is a gorgeous blank canvas that lends itself well to candlelit tablescapes,” Hudson said.

If fire is not your thing, consider adorning each table with dainty lamps that will still cast a toasty glow. The pavilion ceiling is already draped in soft white christmas lights, that when lit look like a starry sky above the world’s greatest freshwater lake. Feel free to add your own color flair–like this couple did! 

Bayfield-Lakeside Pavillion- Wedding-5

To reserve the pavilion for your Bayfield wedding or reception call Bayfield City Hall at (715) 779-5712 or email cityclerk@nullcityofbayfield.com. More information about the pavilion can be found at the City of Bayfield’s website. 

For more wedding lighting inspiration visit our Pinterest page. 

Interview: Kristin Tetzner of Studio10 Photography

December 18, 2014

The shutterbug you choose to capture your wedding day will be one of the biggest decisions you make during the planning process. The Knot explains, “Research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal demeanor are extra-important when choosing your photographer.” We love Kristin Tetzner of Studio10 Photography’s style and approach to capturing some of life’s biggest moments. We think you’ll feel the same. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself —
My name is Kristin Tetzner, I am 33 years old and I live and work in Washburn, Wisconsin.  I received my BFA degree with a traditional photography emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Superior in 2004, and I spent time working as a graphic designer before pursuing my teaching certificate in 2006.  In addition to running my photography business, Studio10 Photography, I work full time as the middle and high school Visual Art & Design instructor at Washburn High School.  When I am not teaching or working with photos, I can usually be found trying to keep up with my one-and-a-half year old son, Weston, or spending time with my wonderful husband of 4 years, Matt.


My photographic specialty is wedding and engagement photography, but I also take on many other session types.  I prefer natural lighting and I love for my images to tell a story.

How did you get into wedding photography?
Photography has been a passion for me ever since I was a kid; I was in heaven when my grandmother handed down her Minolta film camera to me (which I still use today- works great!).  In college I had an inspiring photography professor who convinced me that I had what it took to major in fine art photography, and I spent the next seven semesters shooting and refining my developing and printing skills in the darkroom.

I am a little amazed when I think back on my first wedding photography experience, which was photographing a friend’s reception on film, then developing and hand-printing the entire image collection in the darkroom.  In 2005 I was persuaded by another acquaintance to photograph an entire wedding (this time using digital equipment), and after that I knew I was hooked.  There is something both terrifying and exhilarating about photographing a wedding, but I absolutely love the challenge and I can say that I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing people.

What is the most challenging thing about photographing wedding?
Photographing a wedding can be quite physically and mentally exhausting.  Long hours on your feet, hauling around heavy equipment and directing people can wear a person out by the end of the night.  I often joke that the day following a wedding leaves me feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck.  It’s totally worth it, though!


How would you describe your style?
I am drawn to images that are natural and expressive, and I would describe my style as being a blend of fine art photography and photojournalism.  It’s exciting to capture those fleeting candid moments that convey the emotions of an event and help to tell a story.  My style of shooting and editing images is greatly influenced by my fine art photography studies, and I am constantly thinking about the quality of light, composition and the expressive nature of the images I make.  I also really enjoy the dynamics of working with couples in love!  Without using much posing, I encourage couples to interact naturally so that their relationship personality shines through in their portraits.

Who // What inspires you?
A common theme in my artwork and personal photography, as well as one of my biggest inspirations, is the beauty of nature and the scenic place in which we live.  I feel very fortunate to get to experience the changes of all four seasons here and to be so close to beautiful Lake Superior.  I also draw inspiration from my family members; I am surrounded by some very hard-working, creative individuals.

What type of cameras do you shoot with?
When I photograph weddings, I shoot with two Nikon DSLR camera bodies and a selection of 3-4 different lenses.  When I work on personal projects I still enjoy shooting traditional film with my Minolta SRT-201 as well as making images with my collection of vintage Polaroid cameras and instant film.


How many images do you average per wedding?
I tend to shoot LOTS of images during a typical wedding, usually somewhere close to two thousand for an 8-10 hour wedding shoot.  I narrow that number down considerably through the editing process and usually present clients with a finished collection of somewhere between 500 and 700 of the best images, all individually fine-tuned.

Where would your dream destination wedding be?
I would LOVE to shoot a destination wedding!  I can think of so many great places to travel to, but my dream location would have to be my favorite place on earth to date, Ireland.  The rugged and breathtakingly beautiful scenery of that country combined with its vast history would make for an incredibly romantic wedding backdrop.

To see more of Kristin’s work, visit Studio10 Photography’s website.