You’re Engaged! Now What?


You’re engaged! Before you start creating a “to-do” list in your head, savor being newly engaged with your fiancé. Before you call the press, take time for just you two to celebrate. Here’s a thoughtful list to help you with what comes next:

1. Spread your good news! Start with your parents, siblings, close friends, then relatives. If possible, telling them in person makes for a more memorable experience. Because life can get busy and schedules don’t always align, telling them on the phone would be the next best thing. Once you’ve told your “inner-circle, feel free to let loose on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

People will be asking you about the proposal itself, Reader’s Digest suggests you craft a retelling that reflects the beauty and magic of the moment.

2. Dream. Before you dive into the planning process, think about how you want your wedding day to feel. Do you want a small, intimate, beach wedding? Do you desire a large, elegant, wedding? All of this will determine details in the planning process. Some of you may know exactly what you want as soon as your engaged and some of you will need this valuable time. Pick up some bridal magazines, check out Pinterest and go to our Inspiration tab to gather ideas. Have fun with it!

Images by SV Heart Photography

3. Organize. Once you start the planning process, you will be flooded with brochures, information, etc. Pick up a 3 ring binder, tab dividers and pocket protector sleeves. There are even pre-made wedding binders to make it extra easy to start the planning process. Do whatever works best for you. Check out this easy, instant-download wedding planner on Etsy! You’ll thank yourself later for this pro-active move.

4. Guest CountBefore you can start thinking about venues, you need to have a number of guests in mind. Create a “rough-draft” list with your fiancé then ask both of your parents for a list of people they would like to see on the guest list. You can always add and subtract people later, but it’ll be helpful to have a number to start working with.

5. Create a budget. It’s nearly impossible to know how much your wedding will end up costing, but it is possible to create a budget. The sooner you have a number in mind, the easier it will be to set aside a set amount each month to save. After you’ve figured out how much you and your fiancé can spend, start the budget conversation with both sets of parents. Go into the conversation with an open and grateful heart.

Images by SV Heart Photography //  On3 Design (middle)

6. Figure out where & whenSome couples may be set on a specific month while others may have an idea such as “August 2015 – October 2015”, either way, having an idea will be crucial when you want to get serious about planning. Being more open will give you more options for venues and vendors. Next, think about where you want your big day to take place. Maybe Bayfield and the Apostle Islands is a special vacation spot for the both of you or your family. Perhaps you both come from the same hometown. Coming up with a general “where and when” will help you move forward in booking a venue and vendors.

7. Book a venue & vendors. Once you’ve come up with your “where and when” you’re ready to start looking into venues. You’ll want to reserve your venue space before you start booking vendors. If you have your heart set on a specific vendor, then it might be helpful to mention your time frame to them as you narrow it down. From orchards and beaches to charming churches, Bayfield has something for every couple. Check out Bayfield venues and vendors here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an extra hand with this step!

8. Insure your ring! If your ring isn’t already insured, be sure to make this a priority! Everything you need to know about insuring your ring can be found here at The Knot.